B07 Fake promises – Fugazzi

Fake promises are called “Fugazzi”. Such a poetic way of looking at adversity, don’t you think? Indeed if the “Fugazzi” is returned and one recovers the loss, the poetry is magnificent, otherwise not. True isn’t it?

Fugazzi IT – seems to be a reasonably widespread phenomena. We are here to deal with it on your behalf.

Lefty needed “Don the jeweller” to tell him he’s got a “Fugazzi”!

The clip is a classic. I wont want to spoil it for you.
We all need experts in our lives so that we are not sold these kinds of fake precious things, products and services.

Watch this 2min clip then read our classic case of “Fugazzi IT”:  A good bad IT story

B08 Fake promises – resolve

Preventing, identifying, defining and resolving fake promises

Not once organisations have signed up to fake (often inexistent or impossible) promises. By the time this becomes clear it is too late. It is customary that at that point denial kicks in from both sides, client and supplier. It’s better that these false promises are caught earlier, before signing on the dotted line. That’s one option we can assist with. However if that was not the case because the project is passed that stage, there’s more we can do. Continue reading “B08 Fake promises – resolve”

B02 All at a glance

The BIG print:
We know that most of what follows seems business jargon and waffling
Good old human talk and conversation can transform this jargon into meaning
Such is the human nature, not even the color red is red for everyone until it is
Thefore we propose we use this collection of jargon terms as a launchpad
And let’s talk, let’s meet up, talk about how we can work for each other

The not too obvious need:
Experienced, highly specialised, multiskilled technical input at board or high executive level Continue reading “B02 All at a glance”

C04 Screenshots

Gallery of screen shots:

Evaluation - Quality features (QF01)

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Sample evaluation using a set of features named QF1 which are defined in English each every one of them